from 109 to 1011 m,
chanel 2.55 borse chanel a36097, we are interested in the physics of mass transfer between companion and compact object. For example in the Be star mechanism, fueling the majority of accreting X ray pulsars, or in the details of wind accretion and all its complexity. Adidas Ultra Boost Homme Pas Cher One example of the latter is the very well known wind accretor Vela X 1, which sometimes shows very strong flares but also short “off states” of a few 10 minutes duration, both possibly explained by varying accretion in a clumpy stellar wind (Kreykenbohm et al. 2008). More details on Be X ray binary research are given on a . Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer In recent years, we have also turned our interest to the peculiar system GX 1+4, a symbiotic X ray Binary, where the details of mass transfer are not well understood.

Studying the period evolution of accreting pulsars tells us something about the interactions between the neutron star’s magnetic field and the surrounding matter on the scale of the magnetosphere (typically a few 106 m). Following the rising phase of the 2005 outburst of the transient A0535+26, we have observed a behaviour with can be best understood as accretion through magnetospheric instability (Caballero et al. 2008,
michael kors spalla borse, Postnov et al. Tangas Calvin Klein Para Mujer 2008). Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos Since then there have been more outbursts of this source, in February/March 2011 we have finally managed to capture a giant outburst with INTEGRAL the data are currently being analyzed. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Pas Cher Ba?ador Calvin Klein To understand the pulse period evolution in GX 1+4 (Gonz et al. Acheter Adidas Yeezy Boost 550 Calvin Klein Bragas 2010), a new model of accretion from a slow wind has been proposed by Postnov et al. (2010).

Finally, we study the spectra and light curves of the X ray emission created on the surface of the neutron star or close to it in the accretion column, thus regions of a few km in size or less. A rather complex problem,
chanel 2.55 borse borse lembo chanel, that we have recently started to tackle is the modeling of the pulsed emission. Yeezy Boost 750 Acheter Calvin Klein Boxer Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Mujer Barata The complication is the light bending around the neutron star through the effects of general relativity. 2011.

One of my specialties is the study of , or cyclotron lines in brief.

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